Vegetables and Side Dishes

Vegetables and Side Dishes
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Vegetables and Side Dishes ingredients

  • 1 Cabbage
  • flour
  • Onion mixture
  • Mushrooms, optional
  • 1⁄2 c Yellow split peas

Cooking Vegetables and Side Dishes

1. Shredi and scald cabbage as for pirohi filling.
2. Fryi in oil until golden brown.
3. Cook peas until tender.
4. Mash until they are the consistency of butter.
5. Mixi all ingredients together.
6. Cook together in pot or frying pan. Seasoni to taste.
8. Drain.
9. Add onion mixture RICE: Cook until tender.
10. Add chicken broth and onion mixture.
11. Place in oven and bake until blended.
12. POTATOES: Potatoes 2 slices white bread 2 slices rye bread Onioni mixture Peeli potatoes.
13. Cook in salted water until tender but firm.
14. Toasti bread and grind.
15. Pour onion mixture over potatoes and roll or shake in bread crumbs.
16. LIMA BEANS and GREEN BEANS Cook dry beans separately until tender.
17. Drain and season to taste.
18. From The Cookiei Lady's Files.

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