Smoked sauce

Smoked sauce
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Smoked sauce ingredients


Cooking Smoked sauce

1. Phil harbison wrote: > > i like the idea of smoking the sauce but i don"t want any grease > in the sauce.
2. I"m using an ok-joe vertical smoker.
3. Would a second > pan filled with sauce placed on the top rack interfere with the > cooking process? this sounds like a good way to make a weak form > of liquid smoke.
4. That might be good in some recipes.
5. > my dad did that for as long as i can remember.
6. Scott takes the idea one step farther, letting meat juice drip in. with scott"s method, you"ll probably want to refrigerate it so the fat will harden and be easy to remove.
7. What i do is make my sauce, but keep it a little on the thin side.
8. I pour it into a pyrex dish, and set it off to the side on the smoker for the last few hours.
9. You"ll get a blackish film that forms on the surface.
10. Just stir that in every half your or so, until you get the flavor you want.
11. Much better than using liquid smoke.

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