Pinakbet, iloko style

Pinakbet, iloko style

Pinakbet, iloko style ingredients

  • 2 T bagoong (anchovy-dilis or monamon)
  • 1⁄2 c water
  • 1 med Onions
  • 6 ripe, plum tomatoes
  • 1 inch stem ginger
  • 6 small Italian style eggplants (1 Sicilian, 3 Japanese or globe Italian can be substituted)
  • 2 young, bitter melon fruits (do not choose large fruits with obvious ripeness)
  • 20 small Okra
  • 1 bn sitaw or long beans
  • 1 c green lima beans. (may substitute cooked, 1/4 dry beans)

Cooking Pinakbet, iloko style

1. If you can substitute some other salty condiment, that is not animal-based, for the bagoong, this is almost a vegetarian recipe.
2. My dad taught me this recipe.
3. In a small pot, boil the bagoong in the water until it has dissolved.
4. In the pot where the pinakbet will be cooked, layer the following in order: 1) minced onions 2) chopped tomatoes 3) slivered or pounded on mortar and pestle(depending on your taste) ginger 4) lima beans - if using 5) eggplants cut this way: cut lengthwise first on one end without going through.
5. Turn on other end and cut lenthwise again without going through 6) bitter melon cut in the same way as the eggplants 7) string beans cut stem ends and pinch to desired lengths-- if using 8) okra, cut tough ends -- if using Trough all these layers, strain the boiled bagoong.
6. Discard the bones.
7. Cover the pot well.
8. Put the pot on high and when it starts to boil- not rolling (be careful or the vegetables will burn!), lower the heat to simmer.
9. The pinakbet is done when the vegetables have been ''''kibut''''ted, or wrinkled.
10. This should take about 25 minutes.
12. This will render the eggplants and string beans ''''bantilawan''''.
13. This is a condition that ''''seizes'''' the vegetable and renders it hard no matter how much longer you cook it. Pinakbet is not supposed to preserve the vegetable''s green hue. It is a dish that deliberately ''''kibut''''s, or wrinkles, the vegetable.
14. Turn the heat off and let it ''''in-in'''' (like cooking rice) before serving.
15. Serve over rice.


it tastes weird but it is nice


i love it very much.....

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