Langos- hungarian fried bread

Langos- hungarian fried bread
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Langos- hungarian fried bread ingredients

  • 200 g flour
  • 2 Cooked, baked potato, mashed
  • 1⁄2 t Salt
  • 1 pk Active-Dry yeast
  • 1 T Oil
  • 1 t Sugar
  • 1 c milk, lukewarm
  • 1 c Oil, to fry

Cooking Langos- hungarian fried bread

1. Let the yeast grow in ½ cup of lukewarm sweetned milk for 10 minutes.
2. Add mixturte to the flour.
3. Add one tablespoon of oil. Add the mashed potatoes.
4. Add salt.
5. Add as much warm milk as needed to make a soft bread dough.
6. Work the dough well, for at least 15 minutes, until smooth.
7. On a warm place let it rise for one hour(or until doubled in bulk) make little balls from the dough and then flatten them in your hand by pulling it to the size of a large saucer.
8. Fryi then in hot oil. Toppings: sour cream, or grated cheese, or feta cheese with fresh dill and sour cream.
9. Or if you like sweet toppings, mashed strawberries with whipped cream, or vanilla custard, or apple sauce,etc.


Perfect with beef stew. Try serving with fresh garlic cloves.

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