Kiszka - polish kiska

Kiszka - polish kiska
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Kiszka - polish kiska ingredients

  • 3 lb Pork steak
  • 2 lb Coarse buckwheat grits
  • 1⁄2 t Rubbed marjoram
  • Salt and pepper

Cooking Kiszka - polish kiska

1. Chopi meat into coarse bits.
2. Cover with water and boil until tender.
3. Add salt, pepper and marjoram.
4. Wash the buckwheat grits, cover with the liquid from the cooked meat, and steam in a double boiler for ½ hour.
5. Combine the two mixtures.
6. If you have sausage casings, stuff the mixture into the casings.
7. It will keep very well in a mold in the refrigerator.
8. Heat before serving.


I am trying to find out the best way to cook it,not make it


The best way I have found to cook kiska is to first fry some cut up bacon pieces in a frying pan, once crisp add kiska with skin removed and fry until it falls apart like a hash. My Father used to cook it up this is so delicous!


It is not ther right recipe of Polish kiszka!!!!!!!! It's my favourite dish, but not according this silly recipe!!!!!!!!!


If this recipe is silly, please tell me the RIGHT one.


buckwheat is a fine alternative but barley is best. plus the recipe has no blood. 4 pounds of pork call for 2 cups of pig blood ( it is BLOOD SAUSAGE) plus 2 teaspoons of vinegar to stop clotting. now preparation. my father, the the old pole who grew up during the depression that he was, loved this stuff and got me addicted. 400 degree oven baking dish with a little water add a full cased link cover with foil and bake till 75 % done remove foil and let brown in oven till 95 % done. sorry no cooking time as many places near me make many different sizes its always different. count on about a half hour though. now dont worry about the last five percent....its blood sausage. slice it end to end and enjoy


I totally agree! This is NOT a Polish Recipe!!
Who can make up this recipe and call it Polish...not a pol!

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