Ginger chicken wings

Ginger chicken wings
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Ginger chicken wings ingredients

  • chicken wings
  • Ginger root
  • Soy salt

Cooking Ginger chicken wings

1. Chickeni wings, cut into 2 parts, tips discarded or saved for soup amount o ginger root, a lot per lb. of wings, peeled soy sauce, low salt is probably best for this; as it cooks it gets saltier place wings in large bowl.
2. Mash mince or puree" ginger root and add it to chicken.
3. Pour on soy sauce.
4. Let marinate for a few hours in refrigerator, or overnight.
5. When ready to bake, broil or grill, drain off marinade and spread on baking sheet or on grill rack.
6. Bakei, broil, or grill until done and skin is crispy.
7. Can never make enough, they go fast, and are so simple to make.
8. Start a day in advance an let marinate until ready to cook.
9. Cooking takes maybe 20 minutes.
10. Marinad and freeze.
11. Defrost the day before cooking.
12. Or freeze cooked and have on hand for quick meals or sudden guests.
13. Not particularly hot but very good.

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