Food Dictionary

Rich, foamy Italian dessert made by whisking egg yolks, wine and sugar together over a gentle heat. It is served barely warm.
The Russian version of tapas involving a lot of food and vodka.
A specialty of the town of Modena in northern Italy, this consists of a hollowed and stuffed pig trotter which is poached and served as a part of a traditional Bollito Misto.
Large, fresh-water fish with firm flesh.
Zante Currant
This fruit of the Zante grape is a tiny, dark raisin. It comes from Corinth Greece and is used primarily in baked foods. The Zante Currant is unrelated to the other fruit called the "currant."
Zartar Blend
From Lebanon. Find in Middle Eastern markets. A blend of zaatar (a marjoramlike herb), sumac bark and chick peas or sesame seeds. Common in foods from the Middle East.
The outer rind of citrus fruit containing essential oils; remove it carefully using a grater, a potato peeler or a zester, depending on the intended use. Take care not to remove any pith with the zest, as it can be very bitter.
Small tool for scraping off zest.
A dry red wine with a fruity flavor that some compare to the flavor of raspberries.
A sauce made with white wine, meat glaze, mushrooms, ham and tongue, finely chopped and peppered.
Wide tubular macaroni.
Macaroni that has been shaped into long, thin tubes.
A very potent alcoholic beverage consisting of two types of rum, two types of liqueur, and two or three fruit juices. Normally garnished with slices of pineapple and orange and a Maraschino cherry.
Italian and American word for courgette.
This is an Italian form of Charlotte Royale. In this dessert, triangles of sponge cake are placed in a bowl to form a shell for the filling. The filling consists of stiffly whipped cream which is studded with toasted almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate chips and candied fruit. A final layer of cake is placed over this, and when well set, the dessert is inverted onto a platter to form a large dome, reminiscent of Florence Duomo.
Zuppa Inglese
A refrigerated dessert similar to the British favorite, trifle (Tipsy cake or Tipsy pudding). It is made with rum sprinkled slices of sponge cake layered with a rich custard or whipped cream (or both) and candied fruit or toasted almonds (or both).
"Zwieback" is the German word for "twice baked." Refers to bread that has been baked, then sliced and returned to the oven and cooked until very crisp and dry. Zwieback is popular for its easy digestibility.