Food Dictionary

Ibarra chocolate
The traditional Mexican chocolate; contains cinnamon, ground almonds and sugar; the modern version of an Aztec chocolate drink that sometimes contained chiles; ideal for making hot chocolate, but should not be substituted for regular chocolate in most other recipes; there are a few dessert recipes which call for Ibarra chocolate; can be purchased in most grocery stores throughout the Southwest.
Ice Cream
America's most popular dessert, a frozen food made from milk products, sweeteners, and flavorings. The first ice cream was served by King Charles I, around 1640. He ordered the cook to keep the recipe a secret forever. He didn't.
Ice Milk
This dessert is made much the same way as ice cream, but with less milk fat.
Iceberg Lettuce
The most popular variety of lettuce. Although less flavorful and less nutritious as the other varieties, it costs less, is easier to shred, and keeps longer than other varieties.
Sweet coating for cakes and pasties - most often sugar-based and flavored.
Ile flottante
A very light dessert made from egg whites and sugar, cooked in a bain-marie, and served on a custard cream. The name means 'floating island'.
Imam bayildi
A Turkish dish of stuffed aubergines whose name neams 'the imam fainted'. According to legend, a certain imam or priest was so moved by the fragrant smell of the dish that he fainted from sheer joy. The stuffing is made with a mixture of aubergine pulp, onions and tomato.
The edible fruit of a tropical American tree that is plentiful in northeastern Brazil. It is bright yellow, oval, averages an inch long, and features a soft, juicy sub-acid pulp surrounding a large seed. Also called "yellow mombin."
Indian cress
Nasturtium leaves and flowers, used in salads.
Indian meal
Yellow cornmeal.
To extract the flavour from herbs, spices, tea or coffee either by pouring on boiling water and allowing the water to take on the flavours before drinking hot, or by bringing the mixture to the boil and allowing it to cool.
The flavor that is extracted from any ingredient such as tea leaves, herbs or fruit by steeping them in a liquid such as water, oil or vinegar.
Thin slices of meat or fish which are stuffed and rolled. They may then be sauteed, grilled or baked.
To combine or impregnate with iodine. Iodine is a chemical element that is used to help prevent thyroid disorders.
Iodized Salt
Table salt to which sodium iodine has been added. This additive is a preventative for hyperthyroidism ("goiter").
Swiss specialty of macaroni, potatoes, onions, cheese and cream.
Iraqi Cuisine
Iraqi food is rich and diverse, incorporating spices typical of Arabic cooking, such as saffron and mint. The preferred meats in Iraq are lamb, beef, goat, mutton and poultry; Muslims do not eat pork or pork products. As in other Middle Eastern countries, Iraqi meat dishes often combine vegetables and rice. Iraqui popular main courses include kebabs, which are skewered chunks of grilled meat; quzi, roasted and stuffed lamb; and kubba, which is minced meat with nuts, raisins and spices. Masgouf is a special dish made from fish that live in the Tigres river. Another popular dish is tripe, a dish made of cow's stomach. Most meals are accompanied by flat rounds of bread (samoons). For dessert, people enjoy some of Iraq's local fruits, rice pudding, Turkish Delight, sesame cookies, or baklava, a pastry made with honey and pistachios layered between filo sheets. The most widely consumed drinks in Iraq are coffee and tea. Arabic coffee is famous for its strong flavor. In Iraq, people brew their coffee thick and bitter, and serve it black. Tea is usually served in small glasses and drunk sweetened, without milk. Fruit juices and soft drinks are also popular.
Irish coffee
A drink made from black coffee, sugar and Irish whiskey, topped with fresh cream.
Irish Soda Bread
A classic Irish quickbread that uses baking soda as its leavener. This bread is often made with buttermilk and is sprinkled with currants and caraway seeds.
Irish stew
A stew including mutton and vegetables.
Gelatin made from fish viscera.
Italian sausage
A popular pizza topping consisting of pork flavored with garlic and fennel. Available in sweet and hot styles, the latter of which contains hot peppers.
Italian Style Pork Sausage
Fresh sausage -- Fresh pork sausage, highly seasoned; cook thoroughly before use.