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Kenyan Chapati

I've found 2 types of Kenyan Chapatii - based on water and oil based.
You can also try different combinations of flour. For example 1 Ѕ whole grain flour & Ѕ cup all purpose flour OR 1 Ѕ cup whole wheat flour & Ѕ low-fat soy flour.

Chapati Ingredients:
2 cups of Flouri
1 teaspoon salt
Water / oil (or butter)

Directions are similar for both recipes:
1. Sifti flour and salt into a bowl.
2. Add enough water to make a fairly stiff dough.
3. Kneadi well.
4. Roll out on a floured board into a fairly thick circle.
5. Brush with oil.
6. From the centre of the circle, make a cut to one edge.
7. Roll up dough into a cone, press both ends in, and make a ball again. Repeat that process 2-3 more times.
8. Divide dough into 4 or 5 balls, and roll each out into a thin circle. Heat a frying pan over moderate heat and dry out each chapati in the pan quickly. Brush pan with oil and fry chapati slowly until golden brown on each side. Serve hot or cold with stew or sauce.

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I have eatten it! tiffany

I have eatten it!

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