Yuca - How to Select and Use


This root vegetable is never eaten raw.
Select firm roots that are odorless, hard and free of cracks and soft, slimy, or moldy spots. Since it spoils rather quickly, keep at room temperature for no longer than 3 days. It can be peeled and frozen for longer storage. If you cut off a portion of the yuca, leave the rest uncovered to seal over.
To peel yuca, cut the yuca crosswise into 3-inch sections with a sharp knife. Be sure to use a sharp knife. Stand a section upright on a cutting board. Starting at the top of the tuber, cut a strip of the bark and fibrous layer off with the downward motion of the knife. Rotating the yuca, cut off the remaining bark in this manner. Repeat for the other sections. Immerse the yuca in cold water after peeling until ready to use.


I like eat raw vegetable.

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